[Holar] 100% Taiwan Made Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder with Acrylic

Burr Grinders (Conical)
Housing Material:
Power (W):
Voltage (V):
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Coffee Grinder/Mill
Model Number:
dia 8.5 x 18 H cm
Rose Gold / Wood Pattern / Silver
Packaging Details
Packing: Each in Brown Box;

24 pc / 1.8′ / 18 kg/ctn
Delivery Time
Shipped in 60 Days after Payment
Product Description

Classic style designed Holar CM-DY03-G conical manual coffee grinder/mill with rose gold/wood pattern/silver color is one of the perfect choices of Holar coffee mill series. Features with acrylic and ceramic grinder, it can deliver perfectly coarse or fine finish. Suitable for home kitchen, restaurant, hotel, train, also make your own coffee now and share with families and friends easily.

. High-quality Coffee Mill Series by Holar – 100% Made in Taiwan.
. Quiet, easily operated hand crank to ensure manageability for anyone.

. Coffee bean ceramic grinder with sturdy comfortable non-slip grip are designed for easy grinding.

. Elegant appearance with contents easily viewed. Effectively reserve the original fragrance of coffee beans by consistent grinding.

. Our coffee mills/grinders are the perfect kitchen and dining tools for you.

Product Title
Coffee Grinder/Mill
Model Number
dia 8.5 x 18 H cm
Rose Gold / Wood Pattern / Silver/Gold
Each in Brown Box; 

24 pc / 1.8′ / 18 kg/ctn
600 pc
Delivery Terms
Payment Options
L/C, T/T, PayPal
Processing Time
Shipped in 60 days after payment
Kaohsiung / Keelung
Suppliy Ability
50,000 pieces per month

*Remark: The handling fee will be charged USD 250.00 once shipment amount not reach USD 6,000.00 per shipment.

Product Detail
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Why Choose Holar

Decent Experience

Established since 1966, Holar has become one of the most historical kitchen and dining manufacturing companies around the world.

Top Quality

To control quality, we own factories directly so that production can be tracked throughout process.

Products Diversity

By offering over 500 different product series, our partners always have best options to compete in any markets.

Selected Materials

We use only the best construction methods and materials. With high-quality wood, acrylic, type 304 stainless steel and more, you won’t be worried about any issues.

100% Taiwan Made

We guarantee our high-quality products are 100% made in Taiwan to ensure highly competitive around the world.

Pro Certificate

Achieved from ISO 9001, Intertek, SGS Taiwan, etc., we ensure to deliver trusted-worthy quality products to our partners.

Our Product Line

As kitchen and dining expert manufacturer, we offer over 500 high-quality products to our partners. From salt and pepper mill with different materials, coffee mill, canister, oil and vinegar, snacks/spice server, tabletop and melamine products, you will always find your best choices to deliver to your customers.

Salt & Pepper Wood Mill/Grinder/Shaker

These beautiful natural wood mill are elegant for any kitchen. Durable mechanism for long term use, release maximum flavor and aroma, and adjustable from fine to coarse grind. A must-have kitchen and dining products for good taste customers.

Salt & Pepper Stainless Steel Mill/Grinder/Shaker

Selected high-end type 304 stainless steel mill protects the steel from corrosion while maintaining its sharpness and wear resistance. They can also grind evenly from powder fine to very coarse, ensure every dish comes out perfectly.

Salt and Pepper Acrylic Mill/Grinder/Shaker

Diamond sharped acrylic mill creates a smooth and even turn for pepper and salt. Moreover, clear acrylic always let you know what is inside and when to refill them. Easily fill and durable grinding mechanism to maximize flavor. An elegant addition to your table setting.

Salt and Pepper Bamboo Mill/Grinder/Shaker

Genuine bamboo mill is perfect to grind pepper or salt, add flavor to your food while cooking or eating at the table. Easily adjustment allows you to finely crush, mill and grind to perfection, and to your satisfaction. Easily for refilling.

Coffee Mill/Grinder

High-quality coffee mill can quickly and efficiently crack and grind coffee beans to desired consistency. Ensure the maximum flavor for brewing by consistently and evenly grinding, effectively reserve the original fragrance of coffee beans.


Stylish airtight canister provided by Holar is perfect for storing cookies, sugar, flour, spices and other kitchen staples. Complements any kitchen design, great for keeping inside fresh and safe without harmful chemicals leaching into foods.

Oil and Vinegar

Graceful designed Holar oil can and vinegar sprayer set are best container to protect olive oil and vinegar natural flavors and antioxidants from harmful light rays. Easy to control the pouring quantity and avoid waste, perfect for home, bar, cafe, hotel, restaurant, party, buffet, etc. 


Fine dining table would require fine Holar tabletop accessories. We provide a wide variety tabletop series, from cocktail, cutting board, egg server, juicer, pitcher/tumbler, rolling pin, tabelware, wine cooler and more to add fun and praticability.

Snacks/Spice Server

Impress your friends and family at parties with our snacks and spice server. Stay fresh and get organized for snacks, homemade spice blends, teas or personalized ingredients. Perfect for parties of any size, any occasion and entertaining.


Our wide variety of melamine tableware endures rougher handling. They resist chipping, scratches and dents, and their surface wipes clean. They can also stand up to heat and will not fade or crack easily over time. Ideal for indoor and outdoor everyday use.

Our Certificate

1.  Q: Honestly, your price is not very competitive in Alibaba. How can I trust you?
     A: Yes we know, and that’s why we mention we are 100% made in Taiwan to ensure highly competitive around the world. Moreover, the material we use compared with other trade companies/manufacturers is much better (we guarantee). Delivering high-quality products to our clients instead of providing cheap and poor-quality stuff is our mission and principle. Welcome to contact us and we are glad to provide our sample to you.

2.  Q: OK, sounds good. How can I get the sample and what is the sample delivery time?
     A: We would charge the fee of suggested price of the products; however, the fee can be deducted in the formal order. Normally it will take 7 to 14 days for preparing your sample. The first impression is very important. We’d rather spend a little bit more time checking your sample for approval.

3.  Q: If I love your sample and would like to place an order, what payment do you accept? Also, what’s the delivery time?
     A: L/C & T/T are available. If you want to pay via credit card or Paypal for the sample fee, please contact us for more information. It usually takes 45 to 60 days to produce your order. However, it still depends on different orders.
4.  Q: Do you offer custom packaging?
     A: We have different packaging methods for different items. If you want custom packagings like label, printing or box, we can offer it based on your need.

5.  Q: What detailed information that I should provide to you first?
     A: We are highly appreciated if you can provide below information to us first: 

         (a) Product specification, i.e. size, color, etc.
         (b) Order quantity. We are glad to offer you the discount for large quantity.
         (c) Custom packaging and others based on your request. We can offer you our suggestions if you have any questions.
6.  Q: Do you have more information for me to know more about you Holar?
     A: Please visit our official website https://www.holar.com.tw/ for more details.

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